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Foulsham & Geddes is a well respected general commercial law firm in Sydney with a broad range of legal expertise.

Our Sydney lawyers practice in the areas of commercial law, property law, conveyancing, wills & estates, family law and litigation.

Our first priority is to provide the best possible legal advice to our clients. We always ensure that we take the time to get to know you so that we can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your circumstances.

Team Legal

Jacob Carswell-Doherty Principal at Foulsham & Geddes

Jacob Carswell-Doherty

Jacob uses his business and dispute resolution expertise to tackle complex and difficult legal matters, in a wide range of areas. With a focus on client relationships, the areas Jacob is most active in include all aspects of property, finance, dispute resolution, business, insolvency and bankruptcy. Jacob has also practiced family law and employment law for 10 years.

Wills & Estates Lawyer Sydney

Dougal Geddes
Executive Lawyer

Dougal has been in practice since 1978 and has experience in a variety of legal matters including wills, estates and succession planning.

Dougal advises clients in all their personal and commercial business structures/transactions and now specialises in all types of succession planning.

Rodney Lewis Senior Lawyer at Foulsham & Geddes

Rodney Lewis
Senior Lawyer

Joining the team in 2017 under the Elderlaw brand, Rodney brings over 40 years experience in the areas of elderlaw, will disputes, and guardianship.

Rodney is a renowned author with such publications as ‘Ederlaw in Australia’ (published by LexisNexis). He lectures extensively in this field and is well regarded as the foremost expert on the topic of Elderlaw.

Priscilla Sidey at Foulsham & Geddes

Priscilla Sidey
Senior Associate

Priscilla Sidey is a litigation lawyer who was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2008. She has since specialised in litigation on a wide range of matters with a focus on commercial litigation, equity (including probate and family provision), estate disputes, elder law, common law claims and personal injury compensation.

Her experience has equipped her with invaluable litigation skills including empathetic critical thinking and professional problem solving while maintaining an equitable approach. Priscilla is proactive in providing careful and effective advice to her clients to help them achieve early dispute resolution and avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Jackson McKinley - Law Graduate Foulsham & Geddes

Jackson McKinley

Jackson was admitted to this Supreme Court in 2021.

Jackson provides a valuable contribution across all areas of the firm, with a particular commitment to property and commercial dispute matters. Jackson is eager, professional and detail oriented, making him an effective team member and providing clients with a quality service.

Nicole Louvris Assistant at Foulsham & Geddes

Nicole Louvris
Manager, Legal and Accounting

Nicole joined us in 2015 and manages the firm’s accounts including accounts payable/receivable and is responsible for all trust related dealings. In addition, Nicole provides support to our solicitors and office in a varied capacity.

Nicole studied political science and is registered as a Justice of the Peace (JP) in New South Wales.

Milly Edwards Receptionist at Foulsham & Geddes

Milly Edwards
Legal Assitant

Milly joined us in 2019 as a high school graduate and assists with Estate administration. In addition, Milly maintains client files, safe custody documents, and provides general and technical support to solicitors in the office.

Milly believes that building a friendly but professional relationship with clients is key in providing an unmatched service. Her interest in the legal field motivates her to offer high quality support to her colleagues and clients.

Helena Bjorkli-Receretnam at Foulsham & Geddes

Helena Bjorkli-Rerceretnam
Legal Assistant

Helena joined us in 2020. In her role she provides support to all the solicitors with their complex matters. She is in her third year of a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Communications (Social and Political Sciences) at the University of Technology Sydney. She expects to graduate at the end of 2023.

Lina Hoang Receptionist at Foulsham & Geddes

Lina Hoang
Business Manager

Lina joined our team in 2021 as a receptionist providing administrative support to solicitors. Recently, she has moved to the Business Manager role to assist the Principal with managing the firm.

Lina graduated with a Bachelor of Business Degree in 2017, utilising her management experience to improve the firm’s performance efficiency.

Our Costing

We believe in providing value for money. We can provide a free quote if you ask for one. We constantly review our cost estimates to ensure there are no surprises at the end and that the services we provide are viable. Foulsham & Geddes is also willing to consider blended rates, capped fees, fixed prices, value pricing, staged costing, event costing as requested.

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