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Assisting clients with their family law matters since 1973, our family and divorce lawyers are well regarded in the Sydney community for striving to resolve family law matters as efficiently as possible, so that our clients can move on with their lives.

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Areas of family law

Divorce Lawyer Sydney

Divorce Lawyer

The purpose of obtaining a divorce order from the Family Court is to annul the marriage. It has little bearing on arrangements for children or property, other than to allow a party to re-marry.

Family Lawyer Sydney

Child Custody

A complex and sensitive area. Who has parental responsibility? How much time do the children spend with each parent? Our family lawyers understand the importance of getting it right.

Family Law Property Settlement


With Sydney property prices the way they are, real estate is usually the most significant asset of a relationship. There is a 4 step process to apply in determining the entitlements of each party to matrimonial assets following a divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Sydney

De Facto Relationships

An unmarried couple who have been living together in a relationship for over 2 years, or have children from the relationship, are the same as a married couple.

Family Lawyer Sydney

Binding Financial Agreements

It is possible to enter into agreements in relation to property matters before a relationship commences, or if a relationship ceases. This includes marriage, as well as de-factos.

Family Lawyer Sydney

Child Support

Child support is a payment made by one parent to the other parent, to help with the cost associated with caring for the parties’ children.

Divorce Lawyer Sydney

Spousal Maintenance

In cases where there is a significant discrepancy between parties’ respective earning capacity, a court may order payment of Spousal Maintenance.

Family Lawyer Sydney


There is a process for adopting a child. The Family Law Act 1975 also contains sections dealing with parental responsibility for adopted children.

Family Lawyer Sydney

Domestic Violence AVOs

Domestic violence generally occurs when a family member is violent and/or abusive towards another member of the family.

Divorce Lawyer Sydney

IVF and Surrogacy

Surrogacy agreements and statement of intent.

Family Lawyer Sydney


Superannuation is always considered to be a part of the matrimonial asset pool. In many cases parties will have different super balances.


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