Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

A contractual dispute usually occurs when an employer or employee fails to adhere to the terms of a contract. The most common forms of contractual disputes in the employment contract context include:

  • failure to pay bonuses
  • inappropriate use of confidential information
  • non-compete and restraint clauses
  • whether conduct justifies summary dismissal
  • demotion in duties
  • breach of implied terms (e.g. consumer guarantees or misleading and deceptive conduct)

If you have discovered that a term of your employment contract has been breached, you may be entitled to a range of different remedies. For example, you may be entitled to compensation for any damages you have incurred. Alternatively, an injunction can be sought to prevent breaches of the contract continuing.

Alternatively, if you have breached the terms of your employment contract, we can help you make the most appropriate decisions to minimise harm, including damages potentially payable by you if your employer or employee attempts to enforce the terms of the contract.

Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to resolving contractual disputes and will endeavour to achieve an outcome that is both timely and cost effective. If you are struggling with a contractual dispute please contact our employment lawyers on (02) 9232 8033 or via e-mail at

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