Collaborative family law

Collaborative family law

Whilst there are a number of different ways to settle a family law matter, it is usually in the interest of all of those involved to reach a fair and just agreement without the matter going to Court. This is because matters that end up in the courtroom generally take time to resolve, are expensive and stressful for each of the parties. Collaborative law is the means by which parties use negotiation to reach a fair and just agreement.

Collaborative law sees both parties signing a Participation Agreement, which sets out how the negotiations are to be conducted. A Participation Agreement always provides that if either party commences court proceedings, both of the collaborative lawyers will be disqualified from representing their respective clients in Court.

This style of dispute resolution is suited to those individuals who want to participate in the negotiations with the assistance of their lawyers, so that the experience is non-confrontational and focused on keeping misunderstandings to a minimum.

If you are interested in Collaborative family law then please contact one of our experienced family lawyers in Sydney to take you through the process.

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