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The Right Advice for Important Choices

There are many types of commercial lawyers in Sydney. Finding the right lawyer is not an easy task. In our experience, the three critical factors to consider when choosing a lawyer are: trust, experience and cost.

Who can you trust, what is their experience and how much does it cost?

We have a loyal client base who have been using our services in a wide range of matter for many years. Some of our clients are the grandchildren of our first clients, back when the firm was founded in 1973. You would have to ask them why, but one thing is clear: our clients trust our team of highly regarded commercial lawyers in Sydney to provide them with an impeccable standard of legal services, in a wide range of matters, from selling a business to making an application for probate.

One of our strengths lies in the fact we have sufficient resources and experience to take on all types of matter, from simple wills or advice on Capital Gains Tax to complex Federal Court litigation involving million dollar claims. No matter what the size of the matter, we are still small enough to keep our close relationship with our clients – we know what is going on in our clients’ businesses or their lives outside of the legal work we are doing for them. This is because we take the time to get to know our clients. After all, how can you trust your lawyer to look after important affairs if they don’t even know what you are about?

Our commercial lawyers are experienced. Between our team of 5 lawyers we have over 130 years of practice. Our team work closely together to ensure all of our clients benefit from that wealth of experience.

Our commercial lawyers in Sydney pride ourselves on providing personalised service to our clients by developing a deep understanding of their circumstances and requirements. Our broad range of experiences ensures that our clients get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise in many different areas of law, not just one.

We are by no means the cheapest firm out there, we do not want to be! We believe that devaluing legal services leads to a lower standard of work. We think it is important to value commercial legal services such as in commercial litigationemployment law and family law matters because these are of critical importance to our clients – what is more important than your family or your work? That said, our core focus is to add value and to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for money possible.

Our model is to set a value for the target of the legal services (for instance “winning the commercial litigation” or achieving a 60/40 property settlement in a family law matter) work out what it will cost to get there and develop a cost plan to achieve a cost effective result. We constantly review our cost estimates to ensure there are no surprises at the end and that the services we provide are viable. Foulsham & Geddes is also willing to consider blended rates, capped fees, fixed prices, value pricing, staged costing, event costing as requested.

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